The healthy way to refinish your floor... Clean and Green!

Dustless wood floor sanding with Greenguard Certified finishes. 

We use state of the art equipment that eliminates airborn dust from the sand and finish process. There is simply no cleaner way to refinish your hardwood floors. Other machines release clouds of fine dust that will leave you cleaning your home for months. With our system, you will be amazed at the complete lack of dust. 

dust cloud vs. dustless

Sanding a floor down to the raw wood will remove any scratches and blemishes along with the old finish. This is the best way to completely restore a damaged hardwood floor. After sanding several times and buffing with an increasingly finer grit, we can then either stain the floor to acheive a custom color or apply a sealer to enhance the true color of the wood.  We then apply several coats of a waterborne finish, available in different gloss levels. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Ritz Carlton Beach House

-Our BonaKemi Portable DCS system at work in the Ritz Carlton of Naples' Beach House.  The Vaccuum system on the left retains the dust created by the drum sander. 

Dustless Sand and Finish

-First Cut with rough grit sand paper and NO DUST!!!

We use GREENGUARD Certified finishes from Bona, the international leader in wood floor finish and maintenance products. Their waterbourne finishes are your healthiest choice for indoor air quality with no harmful chemical fumes or odors. The Bona ECS (Environmental Choice System) is the first and only Greenguard certified product line in the industry.

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